1 Dec 2011

An Upgrade

My new system
I have recently upgraded from APS-C system to Full Frame format system. Before the switch I used to have a Canon 40D and 2 lenses, a Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS and a Canon 85mm f/1.8. The system worked fine to me, there probably was not a need for me to make the switch, but I always wanted to test how a full frame system would work for me as a main system. I of course had opportunity to borrow a Canon 5D mk I to do a few shoots, but owning the system had always tempted me.

30 Sep 2011

Pre-wedding shoot for friends

A friend of mine asked me to take a few pre-wedding pictures for his sister and her fiancĂ©e last weekend. The couple are from France and would like to take pictures around London.

This was a tough job as London is always crowded with tourists and people especially on the weekends. Hence, we decided to do the shoot early. This will be at 4 locations - Buckingham palace, Westminster, Greenwich and a Park. We decided to wake up very early, at 6am, Yes, 6 am! This will give the bride enough time to prepare for the shoot and set out at 7 am. There were 2 photographers, me and a friend of mine.

Our equipment include a Canon 5D Mk1, a Canon 40D, a Canon 550D and a Nikon D700. Lenses include a Canon 35mm 1.4 L, a Canon 17-55mm 2.8 IS, a Canon 17-40mm 4.0 L, a Canon 85mm 1.8, a Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR.

We estimated to shoot for about 4-5h all together, but ended up shooting for the whole day with many breaks and long waits for the car to come. Unfortunatelly, when we got to Greenwich, there was some filming going on, so we could not do our shoot there and had to skip that. :(

Here are some of my shots from the day:


21 Aug 2011

Trip to Italy

I have had a chance to go on an amazing trip to Italy, such an interesting country with beautiful architecture reserved for several centuries. The best treats - ice cream and coffee :)

These are a few pictures from the trip:

2 Jun 2011

Portraits from the last weekend

A friend of mine asked me to take a few portraits for his profile in his new work place.
This is quite a simple task, what needed were 2 umbrellas and a reflector and of course rearranging the living room. :)

The setup was simple:
 1) 1 bounce umbrella on the camera left at round 45 degrees to and down the subject
 2) a reflector on the camera right
 3) a shoot through umbrella on the camera right behind the subject for hair light and a little bit of separation from the background.

I used 2 speedlights - canon 580ExII at 1/4 power for the front light and a yong nuo 460II for the back light at 1/16.

Here are a few from the session:

23 May 2011

A trip to Sapa - Vietnam

Sapa is one of the must see places in Vietnam. It is situated on the North of Vietnam and near to border with China. It has got a beautiful scenery and very nice people.

22 May 2011

The Beginning

This is the beginning of this blog :)