1 Dec 2011

An Upgrade

My new system
I have recently upgraded from APS-C system to Full Frame format system. Before the switch I used to have a Canon 40D and 2 lenses, a Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS and a Canon 85mm f/1.8. The system worked fine to me, there probably was not a need for me to make the switch, but I always wanted to test how a full frame system would work for me as a main system. I of course had opportunity to borrow a Canon 5D mk I to do a few shoots, but owning the system had always tempted me.

There were a lot of things for me to consider, mainly financial. For me to make the switch, I would have to buy a new lens or lenses to replace the Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS, which served me a my main lens on the 40D. The Canon 1D series would have really hurt my bank account. The question was weather a 5D Mark I or 5D Mark II.

I decided on a 5D MK II. A Canon 5D mark I would have been probably all I ever needed for my photographic hobby. The thing that put me off it was that there are no technological advances comparing to my 40D - no sensor cleaning system, slower speed, and there is no ability to micro adjust the autofocus of lenses. Plus, I was offered a 5D mk II for a bargain price I could not refuse.

The problems with lenses were bigger. I didn't know what lenses to buy for the 5D mk II. I didn't know whether to go for primes only system or zooms as well. The full frame world was too alien to me. I had not thought it would required so much study to determine what lenses would suit me best. Of course going for all L lenses would be the best thing to desire, but the cost of them are ridiculous. Zooms like 24-70mm L alone would cost me the same as my 40D and Canon 17-55mm IS combined.

It took me a while asking all relevant people to find out about good old lenses canon ever made. I tried 17-40mm f4 L, 24-105mm f4 L, 28-70mm L, 50mm f1.8, 24 mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 50mm f1.4, 70-200mm f4 L, 70-200mm f2.8 L IS and even 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L. All these lenses were purchased for bargain prices.

Canon 17-40mm L was not for me due to the maximum f stop being 4 and I don't need 17mm, as I rarely shoot landscape.

Canon 24-105mm f4 L - for the same maximum f-stop was not for me neither.

70-200mm f4 - although I quite like this lens I don't see myself dragging it anywhere.

70-200mm f2.8 IS - this was too expensive and bulky.

100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L was not for me as I can;t see myself using it for what I shoot.

I settled on 24mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 50mm f1.4, and 28-70mm f2.8 L. I still keep my 85 f1.8 as that is one of the best lenses I have ever used and this becomes even better on a full frame. All these lenses costed me the price of 40D and the 17-55mm f2.8 IS that I sold.

The full frame format is so much different from the crop system to me, the DOF control is better and offers so much more, the lenses behave differently and I am enjoying the experience so far. :)

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