26 Mar 2012

A new member in the Bag :)

I recently gone through all the pictures I took over the past 4 months to find out that I did not use my 28-70mm 2.8 L for any of serious photo shoot at all. That has been in my cupboard and getting dust on it. That made me thinking if I actually use that at all. I decided to sell it to invest in a lens that I needed - 135mm F/2 L. I bought it second hand for a good price about 2 weeks ago, but never had a chance to go and try it until yesterday.
I made a few test shots of my friends and some flowers. I have to say that the lens does not disappoint me at all. It is very sharp, focuses fast and accurately. The colour it delivers is vivid, and the bokeh is beautiful. :)

Here are a few photos from yesterday: