28 Apr 2012

Rainy Days project

As it rains so much here in this "rain-land" (England), why not use the rain to do something different and go out and take photos in the rain instead of sitting at home and moaning about it. :)
Never did I think I would be so happy when it was raining so much for the past few weeks especially on the weekends. So ironic... :)

22 Apr 2012

16 Apr 2012

Thai Temple in London (@Wimbledon)

Did not know there was a Thai temple here in London until yesterday. :)
I was lucky to be there for Songkran Celebration (traditional Thai New Year's Day from 13 to 15 April).

12 Apr 2012

London's places of interest

I don't usually do landscapes, my main genre is people photography, but there are times when there is nobody to take pictures of :(. This is when I do try landscape photography. These are few of my best achievements so far.

I am actually surprised that Olympus EP-L1 with the kit lens can actually do such a wonderful job.

7 Apr 2012

Easter around London

This Easter is special here in London. The city is invaded by giant eggs :)