20 Dec 2012

Another Episode in my Film photography adventure

(Hey, I still have the Yashica M-II and enjoying using it. :D )

I have not posted anything about my experiments with film photography for a while now. Partly because of the weather that has not been so good over here, but also that I have been busy with my personal life and my photography work. It has been quite a big change in my life and you will probably guess that by looking at the pictures that I am posting in here :)

Back to film photography and my experience. This time a 36 exp roll of film lasted me a couple of months. Sometimes, I have an urge to go out to shoot something with film, but nothing has got my attention for me to actually press the shutter button.

The types of subjects are not the same anymore when I take my film camera. Shooting with film is not trying to capture a perfection for me, it is about the emotion that I have at the time of exposing that particular 35mm frame. I would also say that I have become even more selective with film than before. I always wait for something special to capture on film and this is very different from when I have a digital camera with me.

 This is the joy of my life:

17 Dec 2012

Huong & Chuong

A few photos from a session with the wonderful couple :)

2 Dec 2012

Giang & Thanh

Such a beautiful couple with a lot of fun and love in their life. I was very lucky to have an opportunity to photograph their wedding.